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Back to the Start

October 21st, 2016 | Posted by Ryan Heisler in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Since I’ve started in running and triathlon, I’ve alternated good years and bad years. Odd years are good ones; even ones are less so, all the way down to terrible. Breaking that down further: 2010: enter the sport officially 2011: good running race results, finish my first two 70.3s 2012: avoid the injury bug, but underperform …
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One of the difficulties I’ve faced training post-pregnancy is that nothing fits me (carrying an extra 40 lbs will do that to you). Although some of my pre-pregnancy workout gear is stretchy enough to remain in use, I’ve had to purchase a fairly extensive exercise wardrobe in the last few weeks.  While its been on …
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I try really hard to keep a positive (or at least productive) attitude even though I find it very easy to be self deprecating, especially when it comes to body composition and, in turn, food. Despite an almost complete and total meltdown related to the fact that I haven’t lost any weight since I was …
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  This week marks my “official” return to training and eventually racing.  The plan this week (its exciting to have a plan loaded into Training Peaks) is to do about three total hours of swimming, biking and running coupled with lots of core work.  As awesome as it would be to trust myself to write …
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Yesterday I was cleared to begin training again by my OB.  I would love to report that I’m in good shape and rearing to go, but unfortunately there’s an 800 lb gorilla in the room — the amount of weight I gained trying to get pregnant and during my pregnancy.  In September of 2015 when I …
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This past Saturday was the Hogsback Half Marathon.  It was my fourth year as race director and in my eleven (holy crap, eleven) years of race directing, it was by far the hardest race I’ve ever directed.  When we found out we were pregnant back in December, we knew that Ivy’s arrival would be close …
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Sitting here today it seems as if Ivy has simultaneously been here forever and arrived just yesterday.  In reality Ivy is twenty-three days old and now seems as good a time as any to tell her birth story (plus she’s happily sleeping at the moment, which helps). Ivy’s birth story actually begins a year ago.  As …
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June 1

We’re working on tidying and continuing to make room for #LittleOtter so I have more tri / run clothing that needs a new home (its amazing how much stuff I have).  All of the items are  women’s size large, 10 or 12 depending on the brand. Brands include Oiselle, Coeur, and Lululemon .  If you would …
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Today is Father’s Day. For those of us with living dads or living children celebrating is fairly straight forward.  I can call my dad.  I can send him a present (or in my case I can hold onto a present until I see him in early July).  There is both a giver and recipient of love …
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Run Pregnant

As I sit here just about 30 weeks pregnant, I realize that over the past few months, I’ve been asked quite a few questions about Ryan and I’s decision to get pregnant and how easy (or not easy) it was for us to conceive.  About three years ago I started to gain weight for no …
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